A man falls from the balcony at Harry Styles’ concert in Glasgow

A tragic incident took place at Harry Styles’ concert that was taking place in Scotland. A man fell down from the top tier of the stand at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow. Several people who saw them the incident has later tweeted that the traumatized It has now been revealed that the man is alive and avoided serious injuries.

Harry Styles was on his Harry Styles: Love On Tour concert which will take him to 32 cities all over the globe. The concert was attended by about 50,000 fans at Rangers FC’s stadium. This was also reported to be the only big concert in almost two decades. A Police Scotland spokesperson told a news portal that the officers were made aware of the fan falling in Glasgow at around 10:15 pm. He also added that there were no suspicious circumstances, and the man was seen by medical staff.

A man falls from the balcony at Harry Styles

A fan who took place the incident later shared in a tweet He mentioned that it was terrifying and traumatising. He wrote, “Still in shock after @Harry_Styles concert @Ibrox. A guy fell from the tier above onto the main stand one row in front of us. No security to be seen. I had to run to the main door at street level to bring help. Everyone was in shock around us and so upset. Hope the guy is OK.”

A man falls from the balcony at Harry Styles


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