Kandi Reacts To Marlo Claiming ‘She F**ked Everybody For Free’

Kandi Burrus was not feeling Marlo Hampton mentioning her on last night’s “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” The mother and entrepreneur reacted on Twitter to Marlo slamming her alleged sexual history on TV. During the attack, Marlo Hampton called Kandi Burruss a “h**” who “f**ked everybody for free.”

The comment was made while Hampton and castmate Shereé Whitfield chatted about RHOA newcomer Sanya Richards-Ross for inviting Kandi to a recent function and not them. Hampton, 46, told Whitfield, 52, during a cooking party hosted by Sanya:

“You don’t feel that Sanya’s, like, up their a**? Sanya is like, ‘Bitch, Kandi is that bitch, Kandi got the followers.”

Hampton continued:

“Sanya just give me, like, ‘Bitch, I’m trying to promote [my blog] MommiNation, I ain’t been on the track for 15 years, I got 20 goddamn people living in this goddamn house.’”

Marlo then suggested to Sheree that Sanya had been getting cozy with the Grammy winner for clout. That’s we turned the conversation over to Old Lady Gang owner, mentioning her alleged sex life.

“First of all, Kandi was a damn h**. She f**ked everybody for free…That b**ch was ah** and that p**sy wasn’t good. And that’s why you always got to date underneath your tax bracket, okay?”

Kandi Reacts To Marlo Calling Her Out On RHOA

During the eight o clock airing of the episode, Kandi live-tweeted her reaction to Marlo slamming her on television. In tweets, she shared her thoughts on her Marlo’s character:

Someone is worried about my anatomy and sexual history more than my gynecologist this season. If someone shows you who they are believing them … because they are talking about me more than they are talking about their own stories and businesses. Keep watching this season because the lady with the heavy tongue keeps my name in her mouth dela!

Roomies, do YOU ​​think Marlo took it too far with her comments?

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